(WARNING : there are spoilers here ...)

Went to see the James Cameron movie two days back. Well, I won't bore you with the "plot" details, as they are easy enough to find elsewhere. Suffice to say, it stinks.

Dear god, is there no end to our collective guilty-conscience. This kind of risible horseshit is the result of it.

Think Pocahontas with weird cat-people and lots of CGI, and you have it. OK, there are plot differences, but the 'all american boy meets hot native chick who falls for his oh-so-resourceful can-do spirit' idea is as tired as can be. If you are going to rehash a plotline as predictable as this, you need to do something interesting with it, or with your characters. Cameron fails on both counts.

Though the 3D effects a re cool enough, the characters struggle to attain two dimensions. The vaguely French-African accents of the tree-hugging savages are ridiculous, same goes for their collective yoga-chanting healing rituals.

Even the main villain, an iron-pumping military despot, could have been interesting in the hands of a writer/director with a clue. It was not to be. Cameron lets himself down by putting technical stuff ahead of content.

And ... will there ever be a Hollywood blockbuster that doesn't descend to the level of a shoot-em-up in the last reel? Very tiresome.

Go with someone who is a good kisser*, likes to laugh at mind-numbing Hollywood "culture", and plenty of peanuts. The little floaty flowers are pretty in 3D.

* afterthought : forget that. It would be ridiculous in 3D glasses.