British TV series from 2001.

The plot is about the experiences and love lives of a clique of six 20-somethings in London. Noticeable is the funky camera work, reminding of a video clip. Each episode assumes the point of view of one character, who speaks from the off revealing their thoughts. So far, there are 3 seasons with 56 episodes total.

Interestingly, here was also a shortlived remake for the US from 2002 with an entirely different cast, save for Emily Corrie.

The main UK cast of As If are the following:

Emily Corrie - Suzanne 'Sooz' Lee (the artsy type with a relationship problem)
Paul Chequer - Jamie Collier (the slighly crazy, upbeat and impulsive one)
Caroline Chikezie - Sasha Williams (hot tempered, in an on-off relationship with Rob)
Benjamin Waters - Robert 'Rob' Conway (all pent-up aggression and passion)
Jemima Rooper - Nicki Sutton (Sooz' counterpart, rather flirtatious)
Orlando Wells - Alexander 'Alex' Stanton (the sensitive gay guy)

Masterminded by Brian Grant.

Episode guides and stuff can be found at and (not much point in copy&paste, is there?)