I must say that I am quite tired. I noded a lot last night, mainly all of Leftoverture, and some of Point of Know Return. This was tireing because I had to copy the lyrics off of the back of an LP, and they were in this barely readable script. Oh well. LP's are pretty cool, mainly because you can put huge pictures on them. For instance, Point of Know Return has a book on the back of it, with all the lyrics to the songs in it, as well as sketches of all the band members. It's just really cool.

I also got my CueCat working by disabling the encryption and serial number in it, which is cool because I can now keep track of all my stuff... not like I will anyway, but I have the ABILITY to do it now.

My boyfriend is out of town this weekend, which makes me mildly sad. The feeling of cuddling up with someone, kissing them, and sleeping with them... you miss them when they are gone... even if it is for a short time. I'll go see him Monday afternoon. If nothing else, just for a single kiss.