Certainly there are people
out there who would like to make
one such as yourself think that
life has some sense of freedom.

Underneath it all though, those
people are really controlling your
view of this world: what you see,
own, and think. At times your very
thoughts may not even be yours.
Eventually when do you lose you?

I know that I can see it all around me;
nothing today is without these reminders.
Subliminal messages are one way that you and
I are kept in line. They can be used for
good, or for evil; as in Bush's
highly scrutinized commercial, or in an ad
to combat smoking in teens. Larger
font sizes, clips inside of movies,
underlying rhythms in sentences, and
layered pages are good examples of them.

Throughout our lives we have listened to them;
here, there, everywhere. Everyone likes to
influence our complex visions and thoughts to
notions. From messages inside of music say to
kill; to a popcorn frame telling you to be hungry.

We listen perhaps too closely to these messages in
everyday life. People have to listen to their
little spark of reason, and not that on in the
latest CD or newspaper.

Do we want to be individuals? Many claim we depend
on one another for protection and survival:
nothing more than well trained animals;
entirely breft of free will.

All good teens take off their clothes -
whispered Aladdin to the tiger. It seems that
even Disney movies are not about trying to
seduce our mind. I find it very disturbing that
one of the biggest producers of animated
movies has inapprioprate content in almost
every one of its feature length films.

Summarily, a lot of times in my life I can't put
my finger on what it is. A feeling that I get
inside when I read something or happen to
look quickly at a page of text. I know they're in
everything, but I just can't seem to care.

Read closely....

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