hackthemainframe had no choice. The above situation, and situations like that are compounded by the presence of the deaded "shorter than the other ones" urinals. These are also to be avoided at all costs. Do you want the gimpy urinal? Why do they have those in adult bathrooms anyways? There is no way out.

This adds another rule to urinal ettiquette: Through the implication of any other rule, never [squeeze another man into the shorter urinal. Bad karma look upon you!

The real situations also arise when there are only even numbers of urinals: (U are urinals that are taken, underscores are urinals that are occupied)
1 2 3 4
U | _ | U | _
Now which one do you take? 2 or 4? 4! Why? Because in urinal 2, you are violating two men. With the choice of urinal 4, you only upset one guy. This is an important strategy that every man must keep in mind. Careful not to daudle in making the decision either. There are dangerous consequences for those who do. Maybe not now, but some day...