The blue screen of death is usually caused (today at least) by bad kernel level items, such as third party device drivers. With that said, a friend of mine had an interesting experience with it.

He had just bought a three button mouse; not a Kensington, or a Logitech one, or a Microsoft one, just some crappy third party (fourth party, if such exists) mouse. This was back when three buttons was all the rage like in 1997. He installed the driver, was playing with it, and all was happy. The only problem it seemed was that the middle button seemed to blue screen the machine. Every time.

It was depressing a first, but like most horrifically annoying instances, it was hysterical after about ten minutes. It became the blue screen button. Need to see blue? Just click here. It was great. Whenever his computer was giving him hell, he'd click that third button. It was a way to threaten the computer.

Eventually he got a new mouse, or a new driver, or what not, but still, it was hysterical seeing the accuracy and the reproducability of that one icky kernel bug. I hope that he still has that mouse around, just as a momento. Maybe the mouse manufacturer only tested their driver for two of the buttons. Who knows. That bug was buggy, and looking back on it, I needed to do more with my friday nights.