BDL is the airport code for Bradley International Airport, mistakenly labeled as Hartford (Connecticut) / Springfield (Massachusetts). It is at least a half hour (closer to 45 minute drive up RT 91) to get to Springfield, and at least 20 minutes to go past the airport into Hartford. It carries most major airlines to their hub, from there you can catch a major trafficway flight to wherever you are going. I've used it often (as the drive from Western Mass is quite far to get to Logan Airport in Boston), but I'm not as pleased as I could be. I'm told it's not a bad airport for such a small place (as it does have international flights), but thankfully i have not had much experience with smaller airports. I can see why Hartford may need an Airport since it is the insurance capital of the world, but Springfield, Mass does not have much more than the Basketball Hall of Fame, and Dr. Suess.