Corrections to above entries:

There were more Victoria Crosses, 24, given in a single fight at the second Relief of Lucknow during the Indian Mutiny than any other battle. Rorke's Drift, with 11, is the second.

The movie version of Zulu got the broad facts mostly right, but very few specifics. Notably, there was no debate over who was in command between Chard and Bromhead, nor was Hook a thief.

Major Chard was not slaughtered (this had to be a typo). The Zulu attacking Rorke's Drift were the reserves from Isandlwana, and had not been able to participate in that conflict.

Inventory states that there were 20,000 rounds of ammunition stored at Rorke's Drift. After the battle, 900 unspent rounds were counted.

There is no evidence that the Zulu saluted the defenders, nor any that the defenders sang "Men of Harlech" (although it made a damn fine movie). Both sides essentially fought each other to utter exhaustion. Zulu were seen dragging their shields behind them leaving the fight.

Zulu casualties have been estimated at about 600, many of which were wounded on site and died later.