If I was more sure that this the correct way to unclog bathtubs, I might call this node how to unclog your bathtub. I'm not that sure of things, though.

Anyway, my bathtub clogs up all the time. I rent, so it's a big pain to have the landlord get somebody to unclog it. I've tried drano and the like before, but they don't seem to work well and cost a lot of money. I also worry about them dissolving the pipes and me having to wait a much longer time for the plumber to unfuck it.

So, there I was. The bathtub was full of water from a shower yesterday afternoon. I consulted the wold wide web on the matter and found lots of suggestions involving plunging and one on baking soda and vinegar. I tried E2, but it had nothing. I tried both suggestions and neither worked. Finally, I found a wire hanger, unbent it, and started shoving and twisting it down the drain. That worked. I'm sure that you're thinking, "What a half-wit! I knew to do that." That may be true, but why didn't you make a goddamn node about it?!