Two girls, aged about eight years old, are performing risky dives into a shallow pool. I am sure they will get hurt.

-fade to next scene- Four middle-aged males are standing on a pier of jagged rocks, water on either side. They look haggard and beaten, their ties are loose, shirts untucked, and all but one appear tired. The zestful one says, "We have to do it. It will make everything better. We can't go on living like this." The water is extremely rough, as the waves send rocks flying through the air.

-cut to next scene- Close up of a QWERTY keyboard, and zoom out to one of the males in his office, looking unhappy.

-cut back to the rocks- "Let's just do it. Just let it go. Don't you remember what it's like to feel?" says the man. "Alright," says another. "We can't let anyone take this from us." The four leap off the rocks. One is hesitant and barely clears them. A slow-motion shot of the four in midair. Baseball-sized rocks strike two of them in the skull, but they have determined countenances. The hesitant one goes underwater and strikes his head on a rock below. The three others realize their companion has been hurt, and their celebration is cut short. Underwater shot of the man's head and purplish blood diffusing through the water.

-fade back to girls at the pool- One girl does a backflip into the pool. The other dives head-first and comes out with a huge smile on her face.