A thought occurred to me today: I love stealing. I don't steal from equals, but from moral lechers. I take from people who don't deserve what they have.

I'm no Robin Hood, I have no desire to give to the unfortunate the spoils of the rich. I feel good when I do it. This stems from my condescending nature. I have to look down my nose at every person I see; why not take from them?

I don't take money. I take dignity. I take self-respect. I expose people as the purposeless fools they are. Empty shells, if you wish. I am a usurer; I charge exorbitant mental rates in exchange for the service I provide. What exactly that service is, I cannot name. Maybe my stripping them of their weapons will allow them to step back and ask themselves, "What am I doing? Do people really live like this?"

Maybe I just take because I like to. Maybe I'm no better.