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mission drive within everything
learn from it.... i guess...
um, do i have those? i don't know yet... still searching...
brulington coat factory
Wenn Sie die Welt annehmen werden, Marke sicher haben Sie die richtigen Stiefel dafür.
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um... me... yep...
well, i live@home w/parents. i hate it. i have a car, no license... lincoln towncar, 1989 signature series. i have a cat. fish, a hampster. the parents have lizards. they eat way too many crickets.
the lizards, not the parents.
anyways. i work, retail, it sucks.
i write, mind blocked, it sucks.
(it sucks when i can't write, and when i can't finish something i started) but other than that it's cool.
i smoke kools and i drink vodka, sambuca too, but primarily vodka. i like dr. pepper and if i have to, i can drink coke or pepsi, but i usually prefer not to.
mom (mom)just got married again(second husband) and he (rick)looks like christopher lowell. amazingly enough, the place i work, burlington coat factory, we have the exclusive christopher lowell home decor line... small world...

i've tried some drugs in the past, fun times. tried coke, weed, ecstacy, nitrous, all in the same night. fun fun.

i guess you could say that right now, my life is kinda boring, i go for coffee all the time and talk cod-shit with my friends for hours. i accompolish nothing from most of it.
at any rate, i'm still identifying myself a bit...
oh yeah, i'm 22 now!!! go me.