The Fillmore is a little concert venue in San Francisco, California. It's at the corner of Geary and Fillmore, a block or so from the AMC Kabuki Cinemas and Japantown. Someone told me once that it fits about 1,200 people but it seems way smaller than that.. it's kinda cozy & 'intimate' (depending on the crowd, I guess). There's an open hardwood floor in front of the stage with tables to sit at around the floor's perimeter, cushioned benches against the wall. The bar is situated opposite of the stage and waitresses walk all around serving drinks to anyone legal. There's a balcony upstairs that looks over the entire room from the back and left walls. You can sit wherever you want. Purple lighted chandeliers hang from the ceiling and yes, there is a disco ball. The walls upstairs around the balcony and in the hallway just outside the main room downstairs are covered with years and years worth of posters of bands that have played there. It's like a museum of music experience, it is so goddamned cool. There's a coat check in the hall downstairs and bands sell merchandi$e out there too. I think the halls are carpeted but I can't remember for sure. There is always a bucket of apples at the top of the stairs for people to pick up and munch upon on their way down & outside after a show.

In the early part of the 20th century, the building was a dance hall and a roller rink. Bill Graham started running it in 1965 and under him, it evolved into a forum for concerts, poetry readings, dances, parties, political gatherings and so on. It closed in 1971 and the building was used sporadically for different things. It was reopened again in 1994.

Nearly every act that plays there has a fillmore poster done and some are for sale at their website:
Amoeba Records & Rasputin On Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley & the Amoeba on Haight street also have Fillmore posters for sale, some rare ones too.

I'd LOVE to have been able to see the Fillmore in the sixties but unfortunately I wasn't born yet. It's still pretty kick ass even now. It's a fun place to see a show, everyone visiting S.F. should check it out. But be warned: the bathrooms are a tad bit uric in scent.