Maybe you found them. Maybe you stole them. Maybe you're a dancer, an actor, and people know this is the way to applaud. Maybe it's your birthday, or maybe someone picked them up when they were dropped, discarded, and handed them to you, saying "I just hate to see things go to waste." Anyhow, here they are, and like everything they die.
  • hang them upside down: with a dancer, a flower-delivery guy and 3 couples living in our apt, we had a wall full of drying roses.
  • put them in a box with silicone: you know, the do not eat dessicant?
  • ignore them: in their jar, with the water evaporating, they will nod over and dry with crooked necks. not so pretty but no effort is required.
  • pull them apart and dry the petals. that is, if you can find something to do with flat, crumbly rose petals.
And then what do you do? Let them gather dust. One day, take them all down, break their necks and send the broken blossoms to people who do not know their sad history. This is called recycling beauty. They will think you are poetic. Glue the petals to letters and send them away. Paste them in your journal. Or, if they are sweet to you still, put them in a jar and stand it in the sun. Hang them from the ceiling over your bed and watch the breeze play with them.