my life in my hands
                           a total loss of control
                           over her life

what happens to the          i made a bad decision
body/mind relationship?      several. now i'm
                                       someone else.
                           don't go past here
                           don't walk alone
 how long does he wait     it's not safe
 for someone to walk by?   don't talk to strangers
                                      how to flirt

   how does he pick the day

                                        walk in the rain in
 does he wake up thinking  the cold at night
 maybe i'll change               because he may be
 someone's life today         crazy but he's not as 
                                        crazy as me.
     i can't be more polluted
      than i already am.

                           but it's so beautiful
i wanted only to drink water, only
eat peppermints, until i became transparent.