What is this enigmatic assurance of yossarian's? That even those who don't know him will be able to find him, for sure, in Central Park, of all places? I'd envisioned a CowboyNeal-style penguin hat, standing out above the crowd, drawing eyes. But it was a sign instead.


I was late: plans had shifted back and forth for a while, and then i'd taken the 2 instead of the B, or maybe the other way around.. B, 2, what's the difference? letters/numbers, blocks?

I found my way, hoping i'd see them first and be able to sneak up


but instead, they saw me coming down the stairs, and yoss waved, and they watched me as i made my way across the interminable space inbetween: the space of sudden embodiment. Who was whom? Wha hey? Stop watching me!