"It begins, you see, with a bang...not a whimper," she said, plaintively, "and contrary to popular opinion, 'bang' was a sound, not a verb."
edwin gently turned the doorknob, unprepared for the fearsome sight he would soon enounter...
Eat poop you cat resulted ing a great deal of innuendo and hearsay, but in the end, only I will rule the people of Gotham.
(all of this said of course, by a bear with very little brains, but a joyous heart and a cheerful spirit, says I, at least -- and I am the Count, and I LOVE to count bears with very little brains)
Can you count the brains? b1b 1 brain, 2 brains, 3 brains
everyone loves brains afterall, yummy brains, can i eat your brains?
Brains are for zombies. Large amounts of tequila and near lifesize posters of deer will result in lots of interesting stories, as will the 24 hour Church of Elvis.
    That       moment   most  
             surely                all
  was                 lost.             IChinchila
somehow you perhaps expected an event consisting of so many individuals' participation to produce a single, coherent narrative? Everything fosters soft-links; these disparate phrases are the holiest triangulation of our experience [The rabbi happily accepted an inflatable sex doll from satan.] in its mutual totality.. (fux0ring typewriter doe sn't have hard brackets. Grrr...) still, I for one must admit some vestigial interest re maining as to what exactly it was edwin was soon to encounter.
Y our arm fell off yoUr arM FELL OFF!! you... then how come I'm still yping, huh? maybe you only type with one hand orhave 10 fingers on the arm thatdidn't fall off get over it. figure out what you want and do it, or keep your mouth shut. there's no sales tax in Oregon.
As the beer arrived th e people were amused by a photo of mojoe kissing another man. all this is in jest of course for the revelers it is the nature of the game. It is the manner of things, the natureof the beast. Monsters we are lest monsters we become. Body shots lead to body bags, in this Joycian gathering. It is the Tao.. And now as the fermented barley claims the spirit we are left with the cameraderie of the evening. The common bond which binds us together and creates a community it is this spirit, this , our communal land flowing with milk and honey with which we nourish the spirit and return renewed to the fertile ground that spawned us.. The music plays on, the torrents of our lives ebb and flow. Although it is not spoken, we are thankful.. We have found in each other that which was not present in ourselves.. And not god, nor political figure, nor spiritual guide could bring us to this place. It is all contained in the glory of man and of woman. And of the things we share. Thank Man for that which brings us together.. Thank the wonder of nature for giving us this infinite capacity for common joy..
The best thing about coming to these things is not "getting to meet: the people behind the user names, but seeing those people interact.
They akwats warbed ne abiy noding drunk but i figure what thehell, how bad co uld i be. Halftoplehere are fairly drunk to onedegre or a nother, the other half anre sober and still having fun. I love the reactin i get when i tell people im b meeting people i know from over the net, they don't know the half of what to expect.
this yas been a damned inteestung night. (to the person editing this - i'm sorry, this will be incoherent. i'm drunk.) i came to portland, foundnodrs, got change to pay for the parking meter.. we went places and things happened. i'm sure enugh has been said at this point. the interesting part was this: we got singularly lost in downtown pdx. we drove for, quite literaly, ours. evetually, we got tomideath's where we drank. a few of us edbed up smoking on the proch for way too long to be ever considered social crTUEES IN ANYONE"S EYES. but we HAF FUN ON THE PORCH TALKING SHIT AND I PERSONLYY HOPE THAT EVERYONE else inside had fun inside watching the russiann movie i was unable to comprehend. all thekids here fucking rule, kisses - poro,e/
bring back my eggs, but before that we drove forever to get here and met them at the pioneer square. So far we've been lost in San Francisco and Powell's. We preferred the latter and then we had Mac and Tea. Altogether an enjoyable trip. Thanks for all the fish!
Alas! This has been the best night of sleep I've had in WAY TOO LONG! (how could that possibly have happened??? Oh...that's right..I am one of those "tag al ong seuto noders."...(shhh...don't tell)(some thing about propane and axes and bodies all over the floors of this abode.. good grief.)
this is much MUCH better than spending spring break in Iowa. (this is Girlface, by the way) I had this fear that I would get here, and the Portlandites would sacrifice me to a dark goat demon which totally wasn't in the plans. I arrived in the pacific northwest on sunday, sandwiched between a Japanese older gentleman, and one of my closest friends who smelled so bar. The fresh air in portland has done me much good. At any rate, it's beautiful up here, Love the trees, love the fresh air, love the people. Momma, ship me my stuff, I'm staying.
Momma, come on home, i've got the stuff. I've got the kids, see, they're all over the floor, the deer had to find a new home but we were gentle about it of course. Left them in a phone booth on Burnside with an imaginary note reading "take us home; we'll love you and eat your garden" : see, they're sweet, but not so sweet as noders when they sleep (from early morning hours to late, on spring break, in another state)...
[spoken fragment: we come not to bury ideath but to praise her ] Noders, bury me now. I don't mind. Too much. Ah, no, wait,. Brunch time!
death is coming for the boys...and if not death, well then dawn scraping its rays over the backs of those five left post-mission: bambi and the bright red frisbee sweeping dangerous arcs above our heads.. noders darkling in the park. so sing another song, boys, and the gypsy lady will grasp another nail, we'll be out on the porch with the limes..
Embracing your fears can be like hugging a cactus; it's prickly and pointy the first time, but after that it just feels goooood... Don't believe that "path less taken" nonsense. Make your own damn path - it'll be more satisfying, I promise.
Well, it's two days later, but by the grace of ideath I've been granted the oppurtunity to contribute. At the time, I completely forgot, what with the sleeping and chatting with the cool kids and the cat eating poop [hold up. I said carne asada.] and walking to see deer stickers and...stuff. The problem is, once out of the moment, this short ramble will seem somewhat out of place. Plus, I'll be able to type, rather than sort of stab at the odd mechanical interface of a real live (nude?) typewriter. I suppose I'll just run with it. Actually, I did contribute to the original writeup by transcribing gousgous' contribution while holding the phone with my shoulder. So I think I'll stop...now.
eat poop you cat says: Evil cars roam the freeways - I've seen them!
driving around the city at night is always so pretty .. everything passes by smooth and quiet from the inside of the car.. so i was going from place to place in portland between all my different people here, at a show for a little while among every one looking so pretty and staring forward eyes fixed on stage and then turning around to filter out as things came to an end and were started to take apart.. paul and i talked about the same things we always seem to talk about whenever we are together, but it is not boring so much as comfortable and reassuring to work over the same familiar subject from endless different points.. later under the burnside bridge with all its grit and dark corners history skating until my hands were numb and it was a cold alone all by myself time even though there were others around.. and now i findmyself here, i like this place and this city, these people and the places they take me. it is good among here
Far, far from home...a stranger in a strange land; just what I always wante     d and then not so much anymore. Someone else as usual said it best; nobody nowhere understands anything about me and all my dreams.. Travelling with others so many others is a good way to see the self that you are. Noders left me alone, except prole who never heard a word I said the whole meal. Never alone, and then and only then so you really value silence. Ineptitude is definitely the order of the day. Go forth and buy. Warn yourself about the things that are going to stay with you after all is said and said.
And after awhile, I'll nevr be the me  again. Everybody love Portland and I can see why. Maybe someday soon. 24/7& 0 net gain that's what happens when you travel with the one you love. and others.. Disintegration is rapid and total.. I don't believe in it, evn after all that. Enough with the particles , There's no sales tax in Oregon . The man we amused by the photo of moJoe kissing another man.. It is the manner of things, the nature of the best. FELL OFF!! or keep your mouth shut. Trust not casca, have an eye to Cinna, so on so forth. Nitwitte Romans.. Shake speare will someday be banned, I am half-certain. And yet the scene goes on tod dated grapes.//
The devil sat back and grinned while alcohol and explosives spread through the world...

Retyped but hardly edited by ideath, with additions from eat poop you cat
and help from equinoctial, the sweetheart. Sense may not have been made, but
nowhere was that stated as a requirement. I believe that makes 19 people.