This was dinner last night with no one else home, i made it while nodekeeping. It was easy and it made me happy, no lie. I think i'm getting the hang of cooking for myself, now.
Potatoes, in 3/4" cubes
Olive oil
Toss the potatoes with the salt, oil, and thyme (rosemary would also be good, of course, but i picked thyme this time) in an oven-safe pan, and put them (uncovered) in a 350° oven. Check in about 1/2 hour and stir them up so they cook on all sides, and don't stick to the bottom.
Cremini mushrooms
Vidalia onions
a little soy sauce
a little hot sauce
a little toasted sesame oil
Cook these in a skillet on medium heat until the onion is starting to get translucent. Because there's no edge to take off, don't cook 'em too much. When you've got them the way you like 'em, pour this over a bowl of potatoes and put chopped scallions on it.

Don't forget to turn off the oven. That's just wasteful!