I was having a friend over for dinner whom i hadn't seen in eight years. I was going to make omelettes, so i didn't make them ahead of time, just prepared the veggies. But he was late, so i distractedly made up this sauce, to pass the time. Turned out he was the same pleasant goofy guy as before, still had horrible taste in music but good stories, and made good omelettes. And he loved the sauce. So i'll try to remember what went into it.

I used canned whole tomatoes, because it was well before tomato season, and the hothouse ones are more expensive and less good (mealy and bland). Drained and diced them.

Then i added:

  • shredded coconut, chopped up a little finer
  • nutmeg, just enough: i used powdered, but if you have whole ones, freshly grated would be excellent.
  • cumin - i love cumin!
  • fresh ginger, chopped very very fine
  • coarse ground black pepper
Put it in a bowl, stirred it up, and chilled it briefly while dinner was cooking. It smells really good, looks pretty on eggs, and my ex-"boyfriend" even liked it, despite his rabid hatred for coconut. So there you are.

Sensei's serving suggestions, yay!

I would plate this with the sauce first, the omlette on top, garnished with a dab of the sauce, a few toasted cumin seeds and a twist of black pepper. Some creme fraiche on the side and a stack of crostini or toast made with a rustic bread. Perhaps a few leaves of greens on one side of the omlette.

Mustard greens, would be my bet, or rocket. Sensei also suggests oregano or basil in the sauce.