There's a hopscotch board of ludicrous length stretching its gangly chalked body across the lot i cut through on my way to work. It must go up to 43 or so, but unfortunately it's not going my way, so i skip through 10 to 14, slap it on the flank and say sorry, honey, but you know i'll be back this way. It flashes me a look as i mount the trail to the train tracks.

The one-eyed cat is hanging around my neighborhood again. He's frequently accompanied by the grey-stripe i call "Nervous Energy Boy", as i imagine them to be a formidable crime-fighting team: Odin and Nervous Energy Boy. They're kinda aloof, though.

Dan slept on the porch last night just to prove some kind of passive-aggressive point, but since i didn't come out to bring him in, he crawled into my bed this morning at about 3. I pretended to remain asleep, because i wanted to be asleep. I had nothing to say to him in the morning, as he pretended to be asleep. Sometimes things are better than people.

Today Mike came to work with a scary blue marionette named Mr. Happy. We went to the Olive Garden for lunch, but Mr. Happy stayed in the car.