Hum. I didn't just delete Under Milkwood because it didn't have anything to add. It also got the title of the play wrong. The user (arfarf) has never logged into E2. What was i to do? Its idiocy will be enshrined here as an example of how not to review literature.
A stupid play by Dylan Thomas. Who had to make a living somehow, since he was also a poet. Yeah, right, like we don't got enough of those, know what I'm sayin?
Ok, and i'll admit it, i like the play. But still.

      Misspelled nodeshells that pouf!ed: A Validiction: FOrbidding Mourning / kit lo is afriad of datagirl / akjdhsa8duaslfnsdf (can only assume it was a terrible misspelling of something that would have been terribly insightful.)

      Several missions commissioned and completed for the Bureau of Rectification of Names. Details are classified.

      And the revenant Nov. 13 nodes correctly spelled node nuked+2 and its brother correctly spelled node nuked+3, lacking their leader and their proper context (the editorial politics and method of the original Everything) were wooden-staked into the crypt, out of pure kindness really.