No penalty.. Sarcasmo's writeup at Film terminology, declaring intention to make a metanode. mat catastrophe and stylee took up the challenge, but i guess Sarcasmo was caught up in real-world stuff, and forgot that particular loose end.

Made an accidental nodeshell vanish at tregoweth's request. Pouf! magic.

And yes, more tidying.. emptied the inboxes at both The Bureau of Rectification of Names and The Department of DEATH DEATH DEATH. Plus i got all uppity and invasive about The Chaplaincy of Everything. It was created with the everyone account so people could maintain it cleanly! It's a silly novelty node, but i spent (perhaps wasted) my share of minutes assimilating all the add-on writeups, and gave my opinion in the Cheddarbox, and BLEW AWAY the writeups on question.

Fixed several Webster defs that i stumbled across, but failed to note which ones. You don't mind, right? 'Cause i could keep better track.. it's either that or the falling rocks.

Speaking of metanodes. A metanode doesn't have to have the word metanode in its title. If you're doing this for the sake of organizing the data, shouldn't it be named after the class of stuff that you intend to bring toegther in that node? And oughtn't it to be done with one of the public accounts, so it can be updated by any/everyone? Well, i thought so, anyway.