My sister and i are going to sing in a variety-show type thing. We argue over which songs to sing, then i'm enlisted to help with a major set design project.. I have to do ten portraits in different styles of each kid in the audience for a collage, and as i start on the kid in the upper left hand corner, i have the following realizations:
  1. All of the other performers are professionals
  2. We haven't practiced at all
  3. We still haven't chosen our songs
  4. This kid won't sit still!
I go on a material-gathering run and try to pull strips of wood off a mostly-rotten log. There is a friendly but not very smart neandertal there, who tries to help but ends up busting the whole log open. I attempt to explain my predicament to him but i'm distracted by the bits of old jawbones and skullbones buried in the rotten wood. He keeps cracking at the more intact wood at one end but i dig in the soft crumbly rotten red part to pick out the bones and examine them.

I wake up to my brother poking me to make sure i'm alive. He accidentally left the gas stove on all night, and when he woke up the room smelled like gas and i wasn't moving.