Two weddings! My sister and I are bridesmaids in both of them, though all i see in the dream is the aftermath of the first and the preparation for the second, which is three days and a lot of travel later. We're tired and travel-grungy, and my dress has been buried in my bag for three days.

I step into the shower and someone else is using it. Oops! She swats at me.

Everywhere we go, my sister has someone else proposing to her. They're all fantastically intelligent friends of my brother with grandiose plans for inventing world improvements. I end up in a fist fight with one when i tell him that he shouldn't take her seriously, as he's the third person she's been engaged to that day. Ooh he's mad. But i kick his ass.

The architecture here is really soaring but echoes a lot: everything is noisy.

I'm surrounded by preening girls and i can't find my shoes. Or my hairbrush.

I guess this is the psychic residue from my trip finally making it through all the sludge that's been layered on it since then.