Everything seems to be moving. There were parachutists scattered throughout the sky as if a big wind had blown them, bright seeds, from a gigantic tree. "You know, when something is that big, you can't see anything at all.."

Lblack is gone, on to adventures and away from E2 for a while. Mike calls to tell me he's leaving tomorrow for Boston, and Albuquerque, and Vegas, and LA. Ginny's packing, and everything is scattered throughout the house. Miana's on her way back to Ithaca and has taken my car for the semester, on the condition that she doesn't cover it with butterfly and Dave Matthews stickers. I've only thought about packing, and my room has assumed that falling-apart feeling.

Kelly doesn't have a place to go. My plans are off-the-cuff and tentative. I watched a movie tonight that makes me cry every time, and i am not a crier. Look, i say, it's Willa! and that's me! It is a very sad movie. It's probably better to get up and go then to stay and be defeated.

I would like to be able to move on momentum, but i have been a mossy rock without knowing it for too long.

Until the moss had reached their lips
And covered up their names

Someone with a good eye for color molded those clouds into a masterwork, but no one is looking. I'm looking.