Something i haven't done in a while:
Sat on my bed and fell asleep. Slept for hours, in the middle of the day. I would have slept until tomorrow if i hadn't been woken for dinner. I used to do this at school, i would sleep for so long that i would wake up confused and disappointed at being still in the same life and same body. Found out later that it was a symptom; maybe i should have been taking my medication for the last few years..

Before this happened though:
My sister is home for the weekend. I gave her the frisbee that we searched out in New York, but it was too windy to play as planned, so we just had our picnic in the windy windy cemetery. Also, under her influence, i bought "Cosmic Green" nail polish, which prompted Ginny to remark that my sister and i have very different color senses. It's true. She got pink.
When we got back from the picnic, the neighbors (the ones with the bad band that frequently plays Iron Man) were out in the driveway. As we walked between the houses, one said wryly "watch out for falling roofs!" And verily, our driveway was full of chunks of their asphalt shingles.
My sister is packing a bag tonight for Mum; she's coming home, a few days earlier than planned. There was too much pain for her to take the planned hike. I hope this doesn't destroy her confidence. She's still the most punk-ass mum i know.