Gr, Jon Katz. At times I get the feeling that he's begging for a militant geek revolution.
It's bad enough that he's helped plod along the delusion that those who use Linux/Computers/Technology, read Slashdot and were oppressed in High School are better than everyone else....
It's bad enough he's helped expand the word geek to include anyone who doesn't appreciate MTV....
it's bad enough he's making people worry about how geek they are....
But for Geeks to rise up and oppress their oppressors? Sheesh.

Understand this.

Geeks are geeks among geeks
The Weird are weird among the weird

In a few years this geek shit will go and the kids will find something else to play. Those that remain were there before and aren't leaving. Screw this geek culture FAD

Mommy, did I just rant?

I still like Jon Katz, but he pisses me sometimes.