it is even more cute when, strung out on a double decker of crack and pcp, i wander the streets in my bunny ears trying to hatch cars by sitting atop them and eating rocks like candy - pukesick, Chatterbox[

i love america. what other country gives its working class such a variety of ways to exploit and degrade themselves to avoid starvation? not that being a stripper has to be degrading.. but being a stripper at a franchise? - prole, deja vu

don't lick the icicle you don't know where it's been!
- hoopy frood, Chatterbox

all icicles are alike. Lick one icicle, and you've licked them all
- hodgepodge, Chatterbox

If I wern't such a prudish virgin, I'd be one hell of a slut. - xunker, Chatterbox

I love minorities. With sour cream and chives. - CowboyNeal, #everything

The question is, are you going to regret having loved or not having loved? - Pseudo Intellectual, love is forever

There is something sad about candles that melt each other just by being too close. Why can't they cooperate? - jessicapierce, mind racing, a while back

But was he mature enough last night at the lesbian masquerade? - CowbotNeal, my new nonhuman crush

"It's only the murder suite if you think of it that way," said the director of housing. - nutate, #everything

I don't believe there really IS a GAS SHORTAGE.. I think it's all just a BIG HOAX on the part of the plastic sign salesmen -- to sell more numbers!! -CowbotNeal, #e.

puking looks like waterfall. i mean sometimes it looks beautiful. - noumiso, Chatterbox

OMNIVERSAL AWARENESS?? Oh, YEH!! First you need four GALLONS of JELL-O and a BIG WRENCH!! ... I think you drop th'WRENCH in the JELL-O as if it was a FLAVOR, or an INGREDIENT ... ... or ... I ... um ... WHERE'S the WASHING MACHINES? - CowbotNeal, #e

it's true! *sob* I've been nodestalking icicle for years, since before Everything existed, even! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! - hodgepodge

if you get a cookie from the makers of a sex survey, I recommend you don't eat it. - Pseudo Intellectual, Chatterbox

I'm not really into coffee anymore, but I make my tea with the sweat of the working man. - achan the capitalist pig, in #everything

Note: Upgrading to Girlfriend 2.0 without COMPLETELY uninstalling Girlfriend 1.0beta will cause your system to "hang" because of shared use of the Input/Output port"
- gregday, droppin' science in #everything

what? people are on irc naked and I missed it so I could watch some fucking movie about aliens? - achan, #e

all things are marmalade at some vibrational levels...even lies, but mostly puppies.
lawnjart, Chatterbox

dammit, my sister won't keep out of my cockporn! - aaronchan, # everything

analyzing or explaining humor is like analyzing a frog, you can do it but the frog tends to die in the process - KillerPenguin, Chatterbox

i hope that last writeup didn't make me look like a homophobe. now i'll never get a boyfriend! - achan, Chatterbox

it must be late. even the hookers have gone to bed. - GroundCtl, #everything

i wish i could live a faerie tale life, one of the 'happily ever after' ones, not one of the 'care to taste this dog?' ones. - jkfghldagv, #e

Wha? Not postmarked?? IT'S YOU--YOU'VE BEEN SENDING THEM! IT'S LIKE FIGHT CLUB! You're YOU! - the delicious dem bones, Chatterbox

that communist cunt sucks horse balls - DMan

my penis is just a phallic symbol, meant to compensate for my lack of a car - Jazeraint, #e

I'm simultaneously Unitarian, Jewish and Quaker. When I walk into a bar, there's no need for a punchline. - Sylvar, Chatterbox

all you need is a scalpel and a dream i say - nutate, in reference to me becoming a moyle

Torn skin being agitated by a moving penis isn't exactly a day at Disney Land, now is it? - moJoe, Virginity, my loss of

My head is a strange place. -- pukesick, courtesy the Everything Quote Server

well there was this guy and he was smoking and he taught a dog to smoke and the dog went around and bummed smokes off of people and the dog brought them back to the guy and they smoked and didnt care who saw 'em... - lawnjart, Chatterbox

it's amazing that those poor thin prom queens managed to wield two whips - one to flog themselves, one to punish the heathens. - prole, i'm not anorexic, but i'm working on it

If you can say one thing to one person today, make it: "I am really interested in your message". Good for what ails you. - ToasterLeavings, Chatterbox

"i'm going to bang you till the sun comes up!"
"no, you're going to eat me like the story says!" - proj2501, can't remember the context

my pee pee noder has shoulder length dark hair, possibly a goatee and may have been wearing a vest - witchiepoo, Chatterbox