I think the first utterance (even if it is in ICQ) of the words "I love you" merits a day log, a little green X on the calendar, purple ink in the diary, however you handle it. I have a candle on my desk I've never burned before. Maybe I will do it tonight. Granted, that admission was made in the context that we were breaking up. But at least, at least, at least. I will probably find the saddest music I know and crank it up loudly tonight, after my roommates have gone to sleep.

Also newsworthy is that I stood up to an evil man (Jeanne described him as a vibe munch, and that he is). And, when I went out to eat with the girls, another evil man crossed my path, and made a little scene when I ignored him.

This is temporary, this surge of power and perception. But I have to enjoy it.

Last night the sky was purple in Corvallis, and the park across the street from my house is shrouded in fog. I love it. I am in love with this town, and with my friends and the easy (awful) life I lead. This is the kind of day I can be grateful even for the bad things, now that big pictures are starting to form in my head.