She was sitting there yesterday. Not far from where you're at now.

I saw her there, and I could feel my eyes change color instantly. There's been alot of research done on changing eye color. Some doctors say it has to do with barometric pressure, some say blood pressure, some say that it's merely luck. But I know, for me, my eyes turn yellow when I fall in love.

I felt them do it, instantly.

Along with the fact that my heart sped up, and my breath shortened. Goosebumps on my arm, my mouth dried up just a little bit. All of this, just when I saw her there.

Sitting? Standing? I don't remember - it's horrible, I know. I couldn't even tell you who was with me, who was with her. For an instant, for an eternity, there were only two people in the universe. There was me. And then, then there was Her.

I saw her there, and she saw me. I said Hi. That was it, nothing creative, nothing particularily charming. A monosyllabic introduction.

Somehow we ended up talking about philosophy, and religion, and art, and love, and hate, and pain, and the feeling you have for the first thirty seconds after you've woken up from a perfect night of sleep. That languor drifting through your fingers as you clutch the sheets, or the person you've woken up with.

She understood what I said when I told her I was afraid of humanity. She comprehended my loathing of idiocy, especially when found in today's mob society.

I saw her there, and she was beautiful. She had black hair. But it was red, and blonde, and brown too. It was long. I remember that.

Her neck was beautiful, not too thin, but thin enough that I could see the tendons in it when she yawned, just the once.

She had paint under her fingernails, blue, yellow, green, purple. She told me she was making something beautiful; and I believed her.

I saw her there, and I didn't feel so afraid any more. I didn't feel so disconnected. For an instant, we were the only two people in the universe, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I saw her there, not far from where you are right now. And then, with a cough, I woke up.

The sheets were clutched between my fingers.