Lost Explorers

Hey Mac, see you down the Dolce Vita!
Get back, we don't have time.
Cos I hear we're sending off the heroes,
When the year goes, (they're) out the bay,
Trying to find a way,
To make it alive.

"So long," said poor men to their families,
"Be strong 'til we get back home.
"And if not, take care of all the children,
"Until then just hope and pray,
"We're gonna find a way,
"To make it alive."

You guys are crazy.

They shout and then we leave the harbour.
In doubt, they're acting weird.
And the sea is whipping up a welcome,
If hell come we're all easy prey,
Trying to find a way,
To make it alive.

You guys are crazy.

The captain's hand shook for the guys to get in place,
He said, "Let's look behind your face."

With each corner covered, they were all around,
Waiting for the midnight bell to sound.

"Out of sight," cried Aeron through his glasses.
"Don't fight," said Gorham's smile.
All the while his hand was on my shoulder.
I was scared of being easy prey,
Trying to find a way,
To make it alive.

Down the Dolce Vita
-Peter Gabriel-

Oh glorious death.

A star streaking across the heavens, brilliant as sunlight.

Oh miraculous life, that some of us would stand and charge imagination. To float in the infinite. To hold one's hand aloft and know all of earth to disappear behind it.

Earthbound, we saw them. Earthbound we imagine the cabin in flames, incinerated in the free fall. Earthbound we wonder what they felt, what questions they had that we could never conjure, our minds small, the perspective of children born and raised on the ground.

We invent our reasons. Through these eyes we paint the stars with bad and good, and intuit the asteroid's motives through our experience, enriched in broadband by pundits consumed with the fear of noncomformity.

We hold aloft our holy books. We claim the gears that spin the planets and presume to know what we have only imagined, the inventions of the terrified.

But to feel within the heart the joy of knowing what for others faith must satisfy. To be blessed and step into the dream. To reach and with the last measure, touch with one's own hands.

Oh to be with them on that ship. To feel the mind stripped barren of earthy notion. To have seen. To yearn for the answers to questions asked by the brave. To honor God by ascending the rocks and ice and sitting at his feet.

No one loves life as much as one who would give it up to explore. No one loves humanity as one who takes us further.

Blessed forever in prayers.

In a moment. A heartbeat.

Oh to have that death as dearly as to love each other,

And the magnificent lives we share.