I wonder about "effort". How much effort should we expect one to expend in creating a wu? Is effort related to "value"? What's the value of a wu, anyway?

Because value is a very subjective parameter with respect to a wu, I'll express my opinion as a concern about cluttering E2 with wus which have been executed with minimal regard for the subject or the reader. Why should magnificent wus both factual and creative, executed with thought and precision, stand in equal stead beside two sentence blather puked out in haste?

Maybe I'm getting too old for this. But if someone doesn't care enough to put a modicum of effort into their work, then they shouldn't mind the thought and effort I have to put into not only nuking it, but in developing a cogent excuse for having done so.

  • Takrat. Contained little factual information.
  • why is my goldfish upside-down? Removed both wus in this node, and assigned the nodeshell for destruction. Both wus lacked factual content. Neither contained any well-executed creativity.
  • cocaine nose job My explanation for why I nuked this was longer and contained more verifiable fact than this wu.
  • Gear a one-liner with no useful information.