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Career Development, Networking, Empowering Others.
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As a Business Coach and Career Specialist, Randy is a natural networker and counselor. He has 14+ years of business experience in marketing, PR and career development. Since 1999, he has been responsible for iCentro's day-to-day operations. He is the host / organizer of Executives on Auction in Vancouver, BC; and was the Lead Interviewer for Cracking the New E-conomy: Business Tools for the Entrepreneur, published by the Washington Software Alliance, 2000.

He was minted "Uncle Randy" by the development team at Multiactive, in the late 90s, after a team coaching assignment. (The DEV team stayed intact for 3 years, and won a Codie award.)

As the principal of Randy Fisher Communications (1992-'99), a marketing and PR consultancy in Ottawa and Vancouver, he served high tech, private and public sector clients, including: National Research Council; BNR/Nortel, CATA Alliance, PRECARN; Minto Developments; Conference Board of Canada, and numerous federal departments.

In 1992, Randy was the Public Policy Forum’s Director of Communications. The Forum left an indelible imprint, as it promoted partnership between the public and private sector and academia — long before it was in vogue. Prior to the Forum, he was a business journalist, with CBC Radio, The Financial Post, The Globe and Mail and others.

Randy holds a Bachelor of Journalism (graduate) degree (King’s, 1988); a BA in Political Science (McGill, 1985); and certifications as an Advanced Technology Manager (CATA, 1997), Myers-Briggs and Strong Inventories; and is a Birkman Consultant.