This is going to be boring, ok?.

Carrie and I are now just putting everything on hold. Carrie got really stressed about school, and then she started thinking about us, and then she got a yeast infection, so she called her sister Emily who told her "I think you should tell Mike that you need to take some time away to have your own space" (or something like that) then I came over, and she had papers piled all around her and was stressing. She started telling me how much I mean to her and that she's crazy about me, and loves being with me, but that while that's happening she feels like she's at a time in her life where she wants to be single and have time alone and be with different people when she wants. She's coming out of a 2-year relationship that was lingering around when I came into the picture. I really wasn't expecting to hear all of this when I came over, I was only interested in saying hi, and then I wanted to go to bed. This whole thing with us has gone pretty fast, but I've really dropped a few things just because I was excited about being with her. She's done the same, and it's causing frustration and other problems with her. What sucks is that now she and I are on a pretty loosely-defined hiatus. Supposedly this will last for a month, or about the rest of our time at school. This will involve us not calling each other as much, only maybe seeing each other once a week, or with other people, and us seeing other people. Yeah, this is confusing for me. I didn't want this to happen, ever, but I also don't want to go out with her if she's feeling trapped by the whole situation. I'm all for being in a great relationship that's going to go somewhere right now, but I can't ignore the problems she's having with the situation enough for them not to be a problem for me, too.

So, Carrie told me she wants our status relegated down to "Dating". Carrie said she's incredibly happy with me and she said "I Love You". It's great to hear that, and as much as she believes that, it doesn't sound so cool hearing that while you're being dumped. There isn't anything about me that she wants or needs me to change. She's left me messages, and emailed me already telling me she misses me but that she feels like we made the right decision, and she doesn't want me to hate her. I don't know whether it's the right decision, but I don't hate her, and I just miss her a lot and it sucks. I have seen her ex-boyfriend become somewhat of a sap to her emotions. I can't really relate this to anything except for the movie "Dogpark" which wasn't that cool, but I feel like that actress what's her face. Fuck a duck, life is complicated. I think this is going to turn out all right though, and maybe it will turn out really great : )