I went to Carson Denny's' birthday party in Danville two nights ago. And, inside the mind of Becky, this girl from girl from Denny's, it was a date. Unfortunately, on a Popov scale, she's a 0. But her Mitsubishi 3000 GT Twin Turbo isn't! Of course, what did I say when she offered to let me drive it to Danville? "When was the last time you got an oil change?" ? She was like 3000 miles overdue, and she didn't have a stereo, so we took my Focus instead. dumb, but at least I wouldn't have to experience a breakdown with her. Anyway, the party was rad like all off-campus parties that we never go to are; I drank 2 bottles of Trader Joe's wine and actually flirted with other girls! Becky, who drank nothing and just stared at me and made kissy faces all night, drove me home...Now I could have done the smart responsible thing and said "Good Night" but I let her sleep in my bed and we fooled around and stuff. That was definitely a mistake. This girl was more controlling than Darcy. During the party, I was goofing around and having fun; but she kept on throwing herself at me and asking me "what are you thinking?" and "what would you do if I kissed you?" I was thinking "I don't even know you" and "probably not enjoy it very much at all." Alas, I don't know how to shoot people down very well; so I just mumbled something. She said "fine then, go run and hide," and I suppose if I were attracted to her I would have said "B-b-b-but wait!". Instead, I just hung out with the people who were cool instead.

The next morning she asked if I would call and I said "You gave me your number 2 months ago. I haven't called you since then. I would not expect much from me..." Still this did not seem to ring any bells. Perhaps it was because I looked "adorable" when I said it, according to her. Well, fuck you then. Maybe if you paid attention you wouldn't end up getting hurt.

Unfortunately, due to my nature, she will continue to annoy me until I say something cutting and immature.