An interesting thing happened to me today when I was at work. I work at a community college, and I was eating lunch and using one of the public computer terminals in the cafeteria. A pretty girl who looked about 21 (I just turned 18 thursday) came up to me and handed me a piece of paper. When I sat down there was a piece of paper on the desk. I thought that I had knocked that piece of paper onto the floor or something and she had picked it up to give it to me, so I said "It's not mine". But she said, "No, I'm giving it to you". I took it, and she walked away. I opened it up and it said:

"Here is my # XXX-XXXX. I couldn't help but notice you. Call me tonight. My name is Nikki."

I blushed for about a minute, I've never had a girl I didn't know just walk up to me and give me her phone number. I was pretty shocked. I had seen this girl at a table near the computer I was at earlier, and after she left I thought I overheard some people at that table say something about giving someone someones phone number, and the whole thing just kinda seemed wierd, so I'm thinking it was a practical joke. It might be fun to call the number and find out, but as it stands I've just kinda shruged it off, and if I did call and it turned out to be a joke, I'd feel like an ass. And, if it didn't, then I'd be obligated to talk to this girl, whom I don't know whatsoever, and probably go on a date with her or something. I'm not really interested in the type of girl that would just hand some stranger her phone number (but you never know, maybe she (if it wasn't a joke) didn't do it normally, just for whatever reason did for me), and, as I mentioned earlier, I'm in love with a girl. Yeah, it probaby was a joke. A pretty black girl giving some geeky white kid her phone number, and then overhearing her friends. I can picture calling the number, and the girl on the other end of the phone not knowing who I was, and me feeling like a fool. And I can picture these girls monday afternoon joking about the whole thing.