Some of us are dumb and blind and out of our minds
Walking past each day through fields of land minds

At work, I'm taking a bunch of PCs and keyboards from one lab to store in another. My cart is more than full. The cart is really heavy, so I'm pushing pretty hard to keep it moving. I watching on my left side to make sure I don't hit anything. I didn't see the chair on the right side. BAM. Keyboards fly everywhere. Luckily only two computers fell off.

Then, I was stacking some keyboards in the lab and a lady hands me one of the keyboards that got screwed up. Genius that I am, I reached out my hand to recieve it and a keyboard feel out of my other hand.

Then I'm taking some ZIP drives over to a building across campus. I go over a small bump and one of them drops off. A guy walking by says "Whoa". Thanks, man.

Then I turn a corner and another one falls off.

I look down at my watch.

I've only been at work for two hours.