I awoke around 8:30am. My first impression upon waking is that my stomach is upset. I lie in bed trying to fully awaken, and then I made my way to the bathroom and eliminated some mostly liquid waste. I guess the herbal laxative tea works.

The next order of business this morning is 32 ounces of warm water with 2 teaspoons of sea salt to flush my sytem. The book reccomends chugging the water. That is insane. Chugging this concoction will induce vomiting. After taking sane drinks somewhere between a sip and a gulp, I finished all but a tiny bit in the bottom. At this point I started feeling like I might vomit afterall. Part of the point of this detox is the morning cleanse, so I decided to forego the last bit of the saltwater in order to keep the rest down. I am now gonna go relax and try not to feel sick.

10:30am: I am beginning to worry that we don't have enough toilet paper in the house. It may be time to make a trip to town for supplies. All that salt water earlier made me feel ill and I had to lie down and wait for it to go through my system. When it finally did it's job and I was sitting in the throne room I could actually hear the water gurgling through my intestines before it came out.

We staggered our intake of the foul mix this morning. My girlfriend did it about a half hour before me. We were hoping to stagger our bathroom urges as well, since we only have the one bathroom.

This means that she started drinking the lemonade mix before me. So while I was still recovering, she became very hyperactive and started talking loudly and smacking me on the stomach to emphasise her words. I am not feeling so horrible yet, and thus took it calmly.

The uncomfortable feeling in my stomach was finally expunged and I felt ready for my own lemonade mix. To the kitchen!

It's a little strange to drink but not horrible. It's a good idea to keep stirring as you drink or when you reach the last bit it will be full of cayenne and you will make uncontrollable facial expressions.

2:00pm: I have had 3 glasses of the lemonade mix so far. I am getting very hungry. At one point my mouth started filling with saliva and I kept thinking about steak houses and chocolate bars. But I had another drink and it went away mostly. My tummy is growling. I am trying to keep myself distracted by playing Everquest 2 and reading a book.

6:30pm: Up to 4 glasses. Almost supper time. 2 more glasses of lemonade. Yum! I am pretty hungry but don't feel sick at all. I am haunted by the thought of food, restaurants, and the happy comfort of dining with friends.

Toothpaste is also forbidden on this fast. I have learned that it is quite possible to brush your teeth with table salt.

I feel that this day will soon be over. And then I will sleep.

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