Tonight my girlfriend and I are beginning preparations for a 10 day fast. The fast is decribed in a book called The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs.

Some friends asked me to keep a record of how things go, so I naturally thought of E2. This should be interesting. Either I will go through with the whole thing and experience the highs and lows. Or...I will wuss out and start eating again before 10 days expire. I have never attempted a real fast. The closest I have ever tried was an all raw vegetable and fruit diet. I only lasted a day on that one. The headaches and the constant trips to the shitter were too much for me.

Tonight we took a ferry boat over to Water Island. On Saturday nights some locals have a steak cook out at the beach. It's a little on the expensive side, but well worth it. The steak was delicious, and the company of friends was wonderful. I had an excellent time, and by 9:00pm had the last bit of non-fasting food and drink for the next 10 days.

Before bed I am to have an herbal laxative tea. The purpose of this tea is to insure that my bowels move even though no solid food will be consumed. This fast is semi-famous and there are several books written about it. I do not know all the details. I have been trusting my girlfriend to plan it all out. But I plan on reading one of the books in the next day or two while fasting. On this fast I will only be allowed to intake water, and fresh squeezed lemonade with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Occasionaly I can have plain peppermint tea also.

I am not doing this fast to lose weight. It is supposed to be a cleansing, detox fast. It is also a test of will.