Check it out now, funk soul brother...

TheBigSexy: check this out.....
ianah0: not bad. you are getting somewhere.
TheBigSexy: i'm liking it.... just need to redo the header now.
ianah0: the garage door on the left has great texture.
ianah0: you should animate it you guys disappear and reappear and all sorts of crazy effects happen.
TheBigSexy: it was a really cool backdrop
TheBigSexy: ooh... hadn't thought about that yet.
TheBigSexy: i'm thinking about making the header transparent.
TheBigSexy: just show the text and images

Ninjas are the answer...

ianah0: yeah..and then ninjas could come out of the alley and whack you guys or something.
TheBigSexy: whoa....
TheBigSexy: we whack the ninjas...
ianah0: and trent reznor and I could sneak out and shoot at you with our invisible guns.
TheBigSexy: dude, i'm hurt
ianah0: and then hot ass chicks parachute in and try to save you guys...
TheBigSexy: you wouldn't shoota at me would you
ianah0: in the ensuing struggle Trent and I undress all the babes.
TheBigSexy: ok. now i'm liking the story
ianah0: then...we settle our differences and Trent and I take the chicks back to our lair.

Whip it, whip it good...

ianah0: the invisible guns won't really hurt yaknow.
TheBigSexy: halt right there.
TheBigSexy: what's this about you guys taking the chicks....
ianah0:'s Trent Reznor.
TheBigSexy: we're the ones who are famous.
TheBigSexy: yeah. but
TheBigSexy: so..... I AM THE BIG SEXY
ianah0: okay...two of the babes stay for you...but they are dominatrixes! on your knees!
TheBigSexy: i can live with that

Warning Sign...

TheBigSexy: ;}
ianah0: then the cops show up.
ianah0: complaining about the noise
TheBigSexy: dude, that's not cool
ianah0: so you guys all run down the alley to get away just like the Monkeys or some shit.
ianah0: damn. I should be in hollywood.
TheBigSexy: i'm not so sure.
ianah0: well...there could be like scooby doo music when you guys are running away instead.
TheBigSexy: cool
ianah0: and then later on...there can be a scene where you guys are sharing cells in prison.
ianah0: and then...everything blanks out and there is all this noise and screaming and crying and gnashing of teeth.
TheBigSexy: whoa
TheBigSexy: hold it right there

Hail to the Thief...

ianah0: and then George W.Bush shows up.
TheBigSexy: no jail violation scenes. my contract won't allow it
ianah0: that's why it blanks out.
TheBigSexy: oh, i see...
TheBigSexy: wait a min.
TheBigSexy: but the impression is still there
TheBigSexy: my ass is sore just thinking about it

Fuck the system. Fuck the system...

ianah0: then George is trying to recruit you guys for a secret mission kinda like the Dirty Dozen...except...he calls you guys the Dirty Sanchez Four....
TheBigSexy: hmmm
ianah0: about this time....Trent and I crash in and chloroform Georgie...and set you guys free.
ianah0: and then cut to an outdoor guys are all up there playing...
TheBigSexy: so when do i get to play hero
TheBigSexy: that's cool.
ianah0: and Georgie is hanging from a his underwear.
ianah0: and Trent and I are shooting at George with our invisible guns...and he is plinking back and forth over the audience.
ianah0: then everything fades out...
ianah0: roll credits.
TheBigSexy: hmmm. ok.. i have a few problems with the movie. but overall. i like it.
ianah0:'s no Phantom of the Amusement park. but it beats the hell out of the Magical Mystery Tour.

Hey...I can direct a video for your band too. Just /msg me. muHAHAHAHAHA!