Here’s a list of postscripts to the above observations by discofever on the human body being a measuring stick. Our bodies have their own measurements. Some of these you can test on yourself.

I.  The distance between the elbow and the base of the hand is equal to the length of the foot.

II. The length of both feet (heel to toe) is equal to the length of the lower leg (floor to kneecap).

III. The length of the ear is as long as the thumb.

IV. The length of the foot and the height of the skull are equal.

V. Two palm lengths (wrist to base of fingers) will span the length of the foot (heel to base of toes).

VI. The span of the outstretched arms, fingertip to fingertip, is equal to the total body height.

VII. The first joint of the little finger is the same size as the interior of the nostril.

Based on observations made by Leonardo de Vinci in 1490.