I have been blessed with curly hair.

I have no use for blowdriers or curling irons that clutter the bathroom counter of the girl with straight hair.

I get out of the shower, put on some leave-in conditioner or styling cream, and leave the house.

My hair looks cool when it's messy.

I will never have to pay $65 for a perm. I will never have to buy special volumizing mousse.

Humidity is good for my hair.* I can get that little ringlet look framing my face without even trying.

And the best part is, if I want to make my hair straight, I can do it with less effort than it takes for straight hair to be curled.

Beyond the frizz, I still love my curly hair.

Products and tips that I find useful with my curly hair:
  • Use Aveda Sap Moss Shampoo and Sap Moss Conditioning Detangler. This stuff is amazing. It encourages better curls even in the dry winter. Everything Aveda makes is natural and they don't do animal testing, so the PETA folks will be happy. Plus, it makes my hair smell pretty. updated 7/16: I discovered shampoo and conditioner that I love better than Aveda's - Elucence Moisture Balance. I have not seen this in stores, but you can order it from various places online.
  • Never brush or comb your hair when dry. This only makes you frizzy, as Queequeg points out below. Comb conditioner into your hair when wet; apart from that, leave it alone.
  • Moisturize. Think of your curls like a sponge; if a sponge already carries moisture, it can't suck anything else out of its environment. So...keep your hair sufficiently moisturized and the humidity in the air will negatively affect it much less.
  • Visit www.naturallycurly.com to learn more about your hair from other curlies.

If you have any other tips, I'd be happy to hear them!

*BlueDragon notes: Humidity is bad for my hair - it goes into an instant frizz. Dry atmosphere makes the curls smooth and flowing. :). This is a good point; all curly hair is not equal!