A British game similar in some respects to softball, but played almost exclusively by primary school children and young girls: rounders is most certainly not considered a "man's game". The basic rules are similar to baseball: there are 4 bases, usually marked out with a bit of hasty improvisation by the use of jumpers, pre-liberated traffic cones or what have you. The bat is wooden and usually no more than 18 inches long, and the ball is usually a tennis ball.

There may or may not be a set of official rounders rules, but usually they're made up on the spot. Teams are usually informal, having anywhere between 7 and 20 players (remember, this is a kiddies' game), and bowling is underarm. It's rare for a three strikes and you're out system to be applied, instead the batter can usually stay in play until such time as they succeed in hitting the ball. They then have to run from base to base: if they get all the way round back to where they started it's not a home run, it's a rounder: players can be caught out, run out or bowled out.