DMan you did it again. You created an interesting and informative writeup and then attempted to use it to push your political dogma:

"... that's socialism for you."

Attempting to rip off the gullible and take advantage of those in a weaker position than yourself is hardly a concept that's particularly associated with socialism. In fact the basic idea here of "enrich yourself" is something that I would associate with laissez-faire capitalism: surely the whole American Dream thing is about self-gain.

Go to any major tourist destination anywhere in the world. Buy something ... anything. You have almost certainly just been ripped off. There are unlicensed street traders in central London who sell hot dogs at £2.50 and cans of Coke at £1.50 each -- no Londoner would pay more than £1 and £0.60 respectively. I remember years ago going to a rock concert in Manchester where an ice cream van turned up and I watched him replace his usual price board with one showing prices more than double what he usually charged. And the last time I was in New York I ate at a pizza place by the Empire State Building. I'm sure it was expensive and I didn't get value for money, and that no native New Yorker would have even dreamed of paying what I did for a pizza.

Wanting to make money and charging what you can get away with isn't anything peculiar to China, or to socialism. It's the market, pure and simple.