Anarchist band from northern England who have somehow managed to combine the seemingly impossible tasks of sticking to their principles whilst having a number of hit records and becoming moderately wealthy.

Descriptions of their style of music varies wildly so perhaps it's better to quote the band themselves here:

Punk. Always. Not punk rock - punk. Thus we can encompass folk, doo-wop, acapella, techno, trip-hop, pop, emo, Frutiger, Amarillo, Geneva, Helvetica and Times bold.

Contrary to persistent rumours there are no members of 80s punk icon band crAss in Chumbawumba, although they do cite crAss as a signinficant influence. And the name of the band? Apparently it's meaningless, just something they thought up after a night of drugs 'n' booze.

Hell, why am I bothering paraphrasing all this for everything ... go over to and check them out for yourselves. Top music, top politics, I love 'em :)