Well having been grounded a month ago, the weather is now lying on its back, kicking its legs and screaming, and generally behaving like a spoiled brat having a tantrum.

It's the middle of August, traditionally the heart of summer and the warmest month in the calendar, even in Britain. So what kind of weather did we get yesterday? Did we get hours and hours of glorious, unbroken sunshine? Did we get hordes of sunbathers flocking to British parks and beaches? Were there fields of golden corn waving majestically in a gentle summer breeze?

Was there buggery! Instead we had: snow. Yes that's right... snow! A foot of the stuff fell on the northeast coast yesterday. And just to make sure that everyone knew the weather wasn't happy, there was flooding in north Wales, and a tornado off the Humber coast. This isn't Oklahoma or Arkansas, this is Britain... we don't do tornadoes.

*sigh* ... maybe we'll have a freak heatwave during Christmas, but I doubt it somehow.

The Meteorological Office says strictly speaking it wasn't snow, but re-frozen hail. The people who saw it said it was white, fluffy and melted into water. That's snow if you ask me.