The Montreal Maroons played in Montreal for 14 seasons, 1924-1938. The team was the anglo answer to the francophone based Montreal Canadiens. The Maroons were a tough team, who were inconsistent on the ice. But when the were good, they were very good, with 17 players sent to the Hall of Fame and 2 Stanley Cups to prove it.

The Canadiens and the Maroons were almost instant rivals due to the language barrier in the city. The battles between the Maroons and the Canadiens were classic struggles between two proud teams. The battles more often than not turned into a bitter tooth-and-nail game. The Canadiens had the likes of Auriel Joliat and Howie Morenz, while the Maroons had Hooley Smith and Babe Siebert.

Many discussions of hockey in Montreal tend to ignore the Maroons as a viable team, and most people don't even know they existed. The lack of notoriety most likely stems from the predominantly francophone nature of Quebec. As the Canadiens stayed on to become the lasting team in the NHL, the Maroons faded out of existence after the 1938 season.

Aside from the total lack of knowledge on most people's behalf, the Montreal Forum was initially meant to be the home of the Maroons, not the Canadiens that it became so famous for. However, on Nov. 29th 1924, the Montreal Canadiens actually inagurated the Forum due to a problem with the ice at their home rink the Mont-Royal arena.


Nov. 1, 1924
The Maroons are admitted into the NHL.

May 13, 1939
After suspending operations for one year the Maroons fold.

Stanley Cups
1925-1926, 1934-1935

Tommy Gorman            1934-1937
Francis "King" Clancy   1937-1938

Overall record: 271-260-91

Fastest two goals scored:
January 3rd, 1931 - Nels Stweart scored at 8:24 of the third period and again at 8:28 (4 seconds apart) against the Boston Bruins.*

*As a little side note, the Maroons lost the game 5-3.