My memory of her starts to fade.

It has been four days now. Such a short period in my life, and yet it seems so long. We met that one night, and we were inseperable. I could look into her eyes and be lost. She would look into mine and blush.

She said all the right things, at all the right times. And I wonder if it meant anything. It seemed to, but I can't know for sure. And I worry that I sit here thinking of someone who will never think of me again.

She has my phone number, she knows where I live. I have her email, but I don't know if she reads it. I wonder why she hasn't called. I wonder what her friends are saying, what they have told her. I wonder what she said to her boyfriend. I wonder if she thinks about me.

That is the one major question running through my mind. Does she think about me the way I think about her? Does she try to recall my face, my voice, my eyes? Does she try to remember my touch?

Maybe this is what love is....

...Maybe not