Engrish… the phenomenon that occurs whenever Japanese advertisers become convinced that they have the literary aplomb to hock their wares with English text. Fortunately, it serves as a boon to us – the stoic masses who yearn to laugh at others' misfortune and writhing attempts at success. Behold, Engrish:

  • Written on a schedule book: "Have a smell of panda droppings. This one is very fragrant."
  • Written on a bottle of water: "Moistens your body rapidly and softens your soul gently. Postonic is life us all."
  • Written on a box of wafers: "We have 600mg calcium in a day to Japanese adults. This calcium wafer contains 300mg calcium for each pieces. And contains ccp that is good protein and stimulate absorption of calcium. We made this wafer's sheet from nutritious wheat embryo. You can enjoy this wafers for" (it just ends here)
  • Written on a coffee mug: "The art of hot. Side by side, I'll be yours forever. Because please don't weep."
  • Written on a store window: "No one really goes to aqua bar for the drinks, but we make sure our drinks won't kill you. This is something you must remember."

You get the idea... for more Engrish, check out http://www.lumine.net/engrish