Bexley is gone. Bexley is dead. Bexley Hall was condemned in May 2013 due to severe water damage uncovered during a routine inspection, and shut its doors forever at the end of MIT's Spring 2013 term. There are some former residents who believe the administration fabricated the whole water damage story, and simply closed the dorm to kill its culture. There was initially some discussion of rehousing the entire community in one place, but the idea never had enough support from students or admins to be viable.

In the end, the Bexiles went their separate ways: some rented apartments together, others fled to East Campus and Senior Haus, and it's rumored that a few may have set themselves up in the Bexley lounge on the second floor of Walker. In a few more years, most MIT undergrads won't even know Bexley Hall ever existed. Bexley is dead. Long live Bexley.